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September 20, 2017

Continuing from my initial blog post on September 4.

2. Wish I’d been more inquisitive

And by “inquisitive,” I mean I wish I’d been nosier when it came to some of my mother’s affairs. But there was a reason I wasn’t— even now, I cringe at just the thought of invading my...

September 13, 2017

Who hasn’t heard the expression “hindsight is 20/20”? I think we all have. It certainly applies when it comes to family caregiving. Looking back on the last season of my beloved mother's life, I would have done some things differently— no doubt about it.

I’d like to sha...

September 5, 2017

It's final here!  My new caregiving blog.  You have the right blog  if you are an accidental or experienced caregiver on the verge of a physical or emotional collapse.  Additionally, if you are caring for an aging parent, a disabled spouse, another loved one, this blog...

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