Advocacy Services

I regularly help to champion family caregiving issues by collaborating with national and state organizations such as the Alzheimer’s Association, the National Family Caregiving Support Program, the Tennessee Aging Federation, and the Area Agency on Aging and Disability. I also publish caregiving books, create art exhibitions, produce stage productions and present educational and training presentations to increased caregiving awareness among communities, corporations, and faith-based organizations. To schedule me for your event, please contact me.  








Consultation/Coaching Services

Are you a new or seasoned caregiver on the verge of a physical or emotional collapse? Don’t despair. There’s help for you. I understand the tremendous emotional stress you are experiencing. I am here to help by working directly with you to establish a simple, personalized, and detailed caregiving plan. If you are ready to ease the burden and regain the peace-of-mind you deserve, please click here to request a free 30-minute consultation session.


Caregivers’ Book Coaching Services

What’s your story? Every caregiver has a story to tell. That’s why I launched Project What’s Your Story. With Project WYS you get the personalized support, guidance, and expertise you need using my easy book writing and self-publishing system for caregivers. With a flexible system and affordable rates, ProjectWYS will also provide strategies to help you overcome doubts, obstacles, and time constraints.  Let's talk about your unique story. Book your Free 20-minute consultation right now.


Join the 'Mama Peaches and Me' Caregiving Community

We get it!  Caregiving is tough.  Our NEW online caregiving community offer support, information and encouragement 24/7.  Remember, you are never alone.  Click here to learn more and/or to join!


I am Christopher-Charles Chaney, your Certified Caregiving Consultant who provides life-changing solutions for family caregivers and educational caregiving products for organizations that care.