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Caregiving Knowledge I Wish I Had Known (Part 2 of 7)

Continuing from my initial blog post on September 4.

2. Wish I’d been more inquisitive

And by “inquisitive,” I mean I wish I’d been nosier when it came to some of my mother’s affairs. But there was a reason I wasn’t— even now, I cringe at just the thought of invading my mother’s privacy. For as long as I can remember, Mama vehemently detested anyone getting into her private business, and she transferred this trait unto her four children, myself included. I admired my mother for being strong-willed and independent. Perhaps some of Mama Peaches’ best traits served to work against her in later years. Mama boasted constantly about the good health reports she’d received from her doctors over the years. She talked occasionally about doing a good job with taking her medicines. She took great pride in being mindful about what she ate, and walked constantly for exercise.

In hindsight, I would have gone to more of her doctor appointments armed with questions of my own. I would have challenged or questioned the medicines my mother was taking while ensuring that each of her various doctors were aware of all her prescribed medicines. I would have interrogated Mama more often about how she was feeling and her health in general. I wouldn’t have just taken everything at face value, whether a good report from my mother or from the doctors themselves—I wish I would have been more hands-on in championing my mother’s health early on.


Check back next week for the next thing I wish I had know. For a complete listing, please reference my new caregiving book called Mama Peaches Hot Slices of Wisdom available on Amazon.

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