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Ten “Must-Know” Caregiving Blogs

When the call of caregiving sounds, life doesn’t slow down giving you time to learn how to care for someone you love. In short, family caregiving can be one of the most challenging life roles one can perform.

One of the best tools for learning include connecting with past and present caregivers as well as industry professionals. We are highlighting caregiving blogs with extremely helpful resources and people who will help you navigate successfully through your caregiving journey. Below is a list of our ten "must know" online caregiving blogs:

1. Aging in Place Technology Watch is under the leadership of Laurie M. Orlov, a tech industry veteran and elder care advocate. The blog features market research and thought leadership, analysis, and guidance about the technologies that make aging in place possible. Caregivers will gain insight into the tools that can assist you in caring for your loved ones.

2. The Caregivers’ Living Room is a blog by Donna Thomson. The author of The Four Walls of My Freedom: Lessons I’ve Learned from a Life of Caregiving, Donna Thomson is also a speaker, consultant, advocacy trainer, and blogger at The Caregivers’ Living Room. Thomson’s posts cover everything from quick and easy meal ideas and recipes to empathetic caregiving.

3. The Caregiver Space is a non-profit online community that includes the people and resources you need while you serve as a caregiver. Blog posts include caregiver stories, tips for caregivers, a section for family and friends of caregivers, and posts covering tools for caregivers.

4. The Caregiver’s Voice is designed to serve caregivers for people with dementia. Brenda Avadian, award-winning speaker, author of nine books, and U.S. News & World Report HEALTH writer, founded The Caregiver’s Voice in 1998 while caring for her father with Alzheimer’s. The blog covers topics pertinent to caregiving such as aging in place, dementia, elder care, independent living, and memory loss, among others.

5. Daughterhood is written by Anne Tumlinson. It features great advice and tips about caregiving, benefits, and well-being. Tumlinson has extensive experience in policy and research and is on a mission to share her knowledge and experience with everyday caregivers.

6. is a web based community for caregivers to come together and support one another. Support comes through blogs, community posts, courses, podcasts and more.

7. is my site, based on the same concept as the Mama Peaches books— my experience and wisdom learned from my caregiving journey. The site has stories, links, and more resources for caregivers.

8. eCareDiary Blogs, a web community, is based on the founders’ experiences as caregivers for their parents who lived with chronic illnesses such as Parkinson’s, Type II diabetes, and dementia. eCareDiary also is a source of help for families offering online tools, expert content, and resources like their articles.

9. EldercareABC Blog is an online community for caregivers of aging parents, designed by caregivers of aging parents. The blog is about being connected so that caregivers have access to a caring, supportive group of people dedicated to helping you.

10. Transition Aging Parents helps caregivers be proactive, learn to navigate a crisis or change, and be a parent’s advocate. Dale Carter’s blog, Transition to Aging Parents, features posts covering categories such as health, housing, relationship building, safety, and enabling technologies. As someone who served as a long-distance caregiver for her mother and now as a caregiver for her husband, Carter has first-hand experience with handling the demands of caregiving.

This is an excert from my new caregiving book called Mama Peaches Hot Slices of Wisdom which is now available on Amazon. Mama Peaches’ Hot Slices of Wisdom is part two in the award-winning Mama Peaches and Me caregiving book series. Read along as Mama dispenses her timeless truths, giving you a boost in your day, a smile on your face, and an uplift to your soul. Hot Slices of Wisdom also provides practical caregiving tips, as well as must-have resources allowing you to manage your time effectively, reduce stress, and save money.

Mama Peaches and Me caregiving book series is here to rescue your day with just-in-time laughter, inspiration, and the motivation to move forward in your caregiving journey. These resourceful books are now available on Amazon.

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