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Holiday Book Gifting for Caregivers

Gifting a book during the holidays is a great way to say, ‘thank you’ to the family or paid caregiver in your life.

We have identified a shortlist of books from five talented American authors who understand the value of family caregiving. So, as you are scrolling through this amazing list remember, giving a book is a great way to demonstrate appreciation, love and support for our family caregivers, year-round!

1. The 7 Pillars of A Noble Woman

Becoming a Woman of Distinction

By Sylvia S. Banks

In this book, you will discover the seven pillars that are essential to every woman's journey of becoming a woman of distinction. It's time for women to embrace their femininity, walk in elegance and grace and live up to a godly standard of truth and freedom. This book is a guide, showing women how to live. A portion of the proceeds of every purchase will be sent to help build the lives of underprivileged children in India.

For more information you can visit

Paperback: $14.99

Order by clicking here.

2. In Disguise, Forgiving Hidden Truths

By Tamika N. Johnson


This amazing book will spark an awakening in oneself while opening the windows of transparency. Tamika unmasks hidden truths that were buried deep within herself while having the ability to skillfully disguise her indiscretions, imperfections, and inability to release her past.

This very compelling and astonishing book reexamines the perceptions and judgments that are frequently placed upon oneself while finding the truth to redemption.

Paperback: $12.95

Kindle eBook: $2.99

Order by clicking here.

3. Color Me Delighted In Your Law

A Psalm 119 Coloring Book

By Laura R. Brown

Journey through Psalm 119 with verses, phrases, prayer prompts, and images to color while you meditate on the beauty of God’s word.

This coloring book can be used as a personal prayer and devotional or as a small-group prayer prompt. Grab your favorite colored pens or pencils and see God’s word in a burst of color and creativity.

Paperback: $8.50

Order by clicking here.

4. Mama Peaches and Me

Wit and Wisdom for Worn-out Caregivers

By Christopher-Charles Chaney

Are you an accidental or experienced caregiver on the verge of a physical or emotional collapse? If you are caring for an aging parent, a disabled spouse, another loved one, or just love old-school humor, this book is definitely for you! It is guaranteed to be great medicine for your heart by delivering:

• Wit, wisdom, and laughter

• Critical survival tips for family


• Strategies to minimize stress,

burn- out, depression & guilt

Named One Of The Eight Best Caregiving Books Of 2017 by the editor of

Paperback $14.99

Kindle eBook: $2.99

Order by clicking here.

5. The Original Five

By Georgie Moody

It was never supposed to happen to us." How could a healthy family of 5 kids with parents become so broken? We could have become as so many: bitter, divided, dysfunctional; and at times we were just that.

Gradually, a new dynamic took root; growing into a strong family again with the 5 of us at the core. A completely different family structure, we are called blended and unique.

This powerful story will give you hope.

Paperback: $15.95

Order by clicking here.

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